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Long TrailTrail List
Section 1 Peak to Pokfulam Reservoir Section 5 Wong Nai Chung Rd to Mount Parker Road
Section 2 Pokfulam Reservoir to Peel Rise Section 6 Mount Parker Road to Tai Tam Road
Section 3 Peel Rise to Wan Chai Gap Section 7 Tai Tam Road to To Tei Wan
Section 4 Wan Chai Gap to Wong Nai Chung Road Section 8 To Tei Wan to Tai Long Wan
Starting Point: The Peak
Finishing Point: Pokfulam Reservoir
Length: 7 kilometres
Time: 2.0 hours
Difficulty: Fairly Difficult
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Hong Kong Trail Section One begins at the Peak Tram Station on Lugard Road. The beginning section is a level vehicular road that can be easily tackled by hikers of all ages. The route circles the mid-slopes of Victoria Peak. You can enjoy beautiful views of Victoria Harbour and Kowloon. Besides, there are many information plates along the way. One of them introduces the origins of Tai Ping Shan and Lo Fung, both Chinese names of Victoria Peak. This summit is the highest point of Hong Kong Island. Because of the Humid and misty environment, the densest forests on Hong Kong Island are concentrated on these hills.

Strolling along the Native Tree Walk, you come across a great variety of flora. Some of them are pointed out by information plates. Those highlighted include the Lance-leaved Sterculia (Sterculia lanceolata), Hong Kong Pavetta (Pavetta hongkongensis), Turn-in-the-wind (Mallotus paniculatus), Silver-back Artocarpus (Artocarpus hypargyreus) and Reevesia (Reevesia thyrsoidea).Further up, an India Rubber Tree with dense aerial roots stands by the trail.

Beyond Harlech Road, the going gets moderately difficult, as the hiker has to negotiate steps, cement hill paths and dirt roads. Further up to the Lung Fu Shan lookout, the spectacular landscape of western Hong Kong Island unfolds before you. After feasting yourself on so much beautiful landscape, follow a flight of steps down a steep slope. Soon, Pokfulam Reservoir welcomes you with its emerald water. On the left, you find the Pokfulam Family Walk that runs parallel with the lake. This level plantation path is a pleasure to explore. At Pokfulam Reservoir Road, Section One of the Hong Kong Trail comes to an end.

Transport Access:

To get to the starting point on the Peak :

Tram running between Central and the Peak.
NWFB No. 15 running between Exchange Square in Central and the Peak.
NWFB No.15B running between Tin Hau MTR Station in Causeway Bay and the Peak (Sundays and public holidays only).
Mini Bus No.1 running between Lung Wui Rd in Central and the Peak.

For your return journey from Pokfulam Reservoir, walk for about 10 minutes to Pokfulam Reservoir Road for the following public transport routes :

NWFB No.4 running between Star Ferry Pier in Central and Wah Fu Estate (South).
NWFB No.43X running between Admiralty MTR Station and Wah Kwai Estate.
NWFB No.46X running between Tin Wan and Wanchai Ferry Pier.
NWFB No.91 running between Apleichau Estate and Central (Ferry Piers).
NWFB No.94 running between Lei Tung Estate and Central (Ferry Piers).
CityBus No.970 running between Aberdeen and So Uk Estate.
CityBus No.7 running between Central ferry Pier and Shek Pai Wan.
CityBus No.37A running between Chi Fu Fa Yuen and Admiralty.
CityBus No.37B running between Chi Fu Fa Yuen and Central ferry Pier.
CityBus No.40 running between Wah Fu Estate (North) and Wanchai Ferry Pier.
CityBus No.40M running between Wah Fu Estate (North) and Wanchai Ferry Pier.
CityBus No.71 running between Wong Chuk Hang and Central Ferry Pier.
CityBus No.90B running between South Horizons and Admiralty MTR Station (East).
CityBus No.973 running between Tsimshatsui (East) and Stanley.
Mini Bus No.22 running between Star Ferry Pier in Central and Pokfulam Garden.
Mini Bus No.23 running between Kennedy Town and Wah Fu Estate.


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