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Trail List
Section 1: Pak Tam Chung to Long Ke Section 6: Tai Po Road to Shing Mun
Section 2: Long Ke to Pak Tam Au Section 7: Shing Mun to Lead Mine Pass
Section 3: Pak Tam Au to Kei Ling Ha Section 8: Lead Mine Pass to Route Twisk
Section 4: Kei Ling Ha to Tate's Cairn Section 9: Route Twisk to Tin Fu Tsai
Section 5: Tate's Cairn to Tai Po Road Section 10: Tin Fu Tsai to Tuen Mun
Starting Point: Pak Tam Chung
Finishing Point: Long Ke
Length: 10.6 kilometres
Time: 3.0 hours
Difficulty: Easy Walk
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Section One skirts the south side of High Island Reservoir, in Sai Kung East Country Park (4,477 hectares). This is a pleasant beginning, as here the Trail is often flat -- and the few climbs are only gradual.

The route begins at Pak Tam Chung, continues out along the Sai Kung Man Yee Road, and crosses High Island Reservoir's two dams. About halfway along, various side paths descend to coastal villages. But the most striking country is at the end, where jagged rocks dominate the coast. Section One ends with a short climb over to Long Ke, perhaps Hong Kong's most idyllic bay.

High Island Reservoir lines this section, with its expanse of water, sloping banks and enormous dams. The reservoir, completed in 1979, challenged the rules of reservoir building -- for engineers actually joined High Island to the mainland. Coffer dams were built at sea level, and massive volumes of salt water pumped out. Then the main dams were built, which today rise over 100 metres above their foundations. High Island Reservoir holds over 270 million cubic metres of water -- 40 times the capacity of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir.

Four hundred Hakka villagers were re-located for the reservoir. However, the project opened up the east Sai Kung peninsula, allowing visitors to experience its majestic setting. The outer peninsula is extremely exposed, and there the vegetation is mostly grassland and shrubland. However, in the more sheltered valleys, pockets of low trees are establishing.

Transport Access:
Section 1 starts at Pak Tam Chung. Take bus 94 from Sai Kung Town and get off at the Pak Tam Chung Terminus adjacent to the Pak Tam Chung Barrier Gate. The starting point by the junction of Pak Tam Road and Man Yee Road is about 400 m from the Barrier Gate.

92 Diamond Hill Station - Sai Kung
94 Sai Kung - Wong Shek Pier
96R Diamond Hill Station - Wong Shek Pier (only runs on Sundays & public holidays)
299X Sha Tin Central Bus Terminal - Sai Kung

Green Minibus
1A Choi Hung Station - Sai Kung
7 Sai Kung - Hoi Ha
9 Sai Kung - Lady MacLehose Holiday Village

A food kiosk and a public toilet can be found next to the Pak Tam Chung Bus Terminus.

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