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Long TrailTrail List
Section 1 Stanley to Wong Nai Chung Section 6 Tai Po Road to Shing Mun Reservoir
Section 2 Wong Nai Chung to Yau Tong Section 7 Shing Mun Reservoir to Yuen Tun Ha
Section 3 Yau Tong to Chan Lan Shui Section 8 Yuen Tun Ha to Kowloon Hang Shan
Section 4 Tseng Lan Shui to Sha Tin Au Section 9 Kowloon Hang Shan to Pat Sin Leng
Section 5 Sha Tin Au to Tai Po Road Section 10 Pat Sin Leng to Nam Chung
Starting Point: Kowloon Reservoir
Finishing Point: Shing Mun Reservoir
Length: 5.3 kilometres
Time: 2.0 hours
Difficulty: Fairly Difficult
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Arrived at the first of the three reservoirs it passes close by, the Wilson Trail ascends above Kowloon Reservoir – where Section 6 heads northwest into the central New Territories. The woodland here is lower than the forests along the previous catchment trail, yet even so the reservoir soon disappears from sight behind trees. An earthen path, initially reasonably level and then steadily ascending, winds up behind the reservoir through Kam Shan valley. Fallen leaves lie soft underfoot, the banks are hung with plants and ferns. Lianas tangle through the middle storey of this maturing forest, the end result of earlier reforestation to stablize the reservoir’s watershed slopes.

Occasional panoramas open out showing the Kowloon peaks. Less often breaks in the trees reveal glimpses of the reservoir, with its ochre banks and jade green waters, typical of all the local dams. Come here in winter and the galley-prow banks will be high out of the water – but in summer, after rain, water laps right up to the trees. Hiking farther around one crosses a series of small gully streams that run into the reservoir. Sharp edged pandanus fronds, dwarf bamboos and ferns surround the small watercourses – hidden worlds where, in rock pools up and down the hillsides, crustaceans and tiny fish inhabit the often turbulent streams.

The best time to be here is the late afternoon after a fine, clear day. Then, the sun westering over Shing Mun, gaps between the trees show Kowloon Reservoir at its best. Mirror waters reach across to a turreted dam – the woodland shimmers with emerald greens – black-eared kites wheel overhead. As zephyrs fade, stillness gathers up the land.

Transport Access:

Public Transport Take the MTR to Prince Edward or Sham Shui Po stations, then take Bus 81. Where the road begins its descent through countryside, alight at Kowloon Reservoir. The start of Section 6 is by the bus stop, as described below.

Taxi Distance and Time Kowloon Star Ferry to Kowloon Reservoir – 9 km, about 30 minutes.

Section Start Point Just back from the bus stop, Section 6 starts at a rest area with benches (W061). If you are continuing on from Section 5, cross Tai Po Road and turn right for 200 metres. To shorten the hike, go back 500 metres to the Kowloon Reservoir access road. Go up this tarmac road (following the MacLehose Trail) to the top of the hill, where the Wilson Trail joins.

Section End Point Shing Mun Reservoir dam. To begin Section 7, turn right across the dam. To return home, at the dam turn left and follow the road for a kilometre to the minibus terminus. Minibus 82 runs to the MTR Tsuen Wan station.


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