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Long TrailTrail List
Section 1 Stanley to Wong Nai Chung Section 6 Tai Po Road to Shing Mun Reservoir
Section 2 Wong Nai Chung to Yau Tong Section 7 Shing Mun Reservoir to Yuen Tun Ha
Section 3 Yau Tong to Chan Lan Shui Section 8 Yuen Tun Ha to Kowloon Hang Shan
Section 4 Tseng Lan Shui to Sha Tin Au Section 9 Kowloon Hang Shan to Pat Sin Leng
Section 5 Sha Tin Au to Tai Po Road Section 10 Pat Sin Leng to Nam Chung
Starting Point: Pat Sin Leng
Finishing Point: Nam Chung
Length: 6.8 kilometres
Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Fairly Difficult
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The eastern extremity of Pat Sin Leng marks the final turning along the Wilson Trail – where Section 10 swings northwest and descends to Nam Chung. Now over 70 kilometres along the Trail from its start at Stanley, though only 30 kilometres due north of there, this is the Wilson Trail’s culminating section.

The summit at Hsien Ku Fung, on three sides surrounded by sheer slopes, offers a bird’s eye panorama of the far northeast – a barely inhabited region of striking beauty. Immediately to the east Plover Cove Reservoir spreads out, its six-kilometre expanse of water reaching back to rugged hills. Northeast is the tangled country that encloses Double Haven, with its islets and islands. Northwest, where the Trail leads, hills descend to Nam Chung.

Down from the summit, panoramas extend across wooded hills to Wu Kau Tang – and over Starling Inlet to Sha Tau Kok. The trail continues on amidst shrubland and, farther down, enters low woodlands. After the windswept heights of Pat Sin it seems lush.C

Transport Access:
Public Transport Take the MTR to Tai Po Market MTR Station. Then take Bus 75K or 275R (Sundays and public holidays) to Tai Mei Tuk. The start point of Section 10 is described below.

Taxi Distance and Time Kowloon Star Ferry to Tai Mei Tuk – 30 km, about 1 hour.

Section Start Point Section 10 starts at Hsien Ku Fung, the easternmost Pat Sin summit. This is the end point of Section 9, so the best way to hike Section 10 is simply to continue on. To begin your entire hike at Section 10, take the two-kilometre trail up from Tai Mei Tuk to where the stepped trail comes down from Hsien Ku Fung, then bear right.

Section End Point Just south of Nam Chung village. Where the Wilson Trail meets a larger road, turn right and continue for half a kilometre down to Nam Chung village. Then walk on to Luk Keng Road. From there minibuses run to the MTR Fanling station.




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