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Lung Mun Country Trail
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Route Introduction

Level : 3/4 Distance : 5 km Time : 2.5 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Chuen Lung  Finishing Point : Pineapple Dam

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Lung Mun Country Trail Information

Lung Mun Country Trail starts at Chuen Lung which lies within Tai Mo Shan Country Park. It is a tree-lined route that crosses sylvan ravines to end in Shing Mun Country Park. Some visitors may choosetohavebreakfastor lunch in Chuen LungVillage before setting off. The trail's starting point is about 2 km from Chuen Lung.

The trail is unique in the way that it negotiates through 3 wood bridges. The wood crossings ensure the safety of hikers because Lung Mun country trail crosses several streams along the way. In rainy season, the sprawling massif of Tai Mo Shan collects a great amount of water. The Tai Yuen Stream, in particular, becomes an impassable torrent on rainy days.

The middle section of the country trail gives a broad view of Tusen Wan and Tsing Yi. In the background stands the magnificent Ting Kau Bridge. Under its feet is the urban sprawl of Kwai Chung and Tsuen Wan.

Approaching Shing Mun, the trail follows a forest path where birds and butterflies flourish. Before leaving, don't forget to visit the Shing Mun Country Park Visitor Centre and Pineapple Dam Nature Trail to get a better understanding of Shing Mun's geography, history, as well as ecology.


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Lung Mun Country Trail
Lung Mun Country Trail Lung Mun Country Trail    


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