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Shek Pik Country Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 2/4 Distance : 5.5 km Time : 2 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Wisdom Path, Ngong Ping
Finishing Point : Shek Pik catchwater
Difficulty (2 Stars)
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Length (2 Stars)
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Time (2 Stars)
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Surface (2 Stars)
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Shek Pik Country Trail Information


This hiking route skirts along the western foot hills of Kau Nga Ling. Above your head, the blaze-like spurs of Kau Nga Ling rise like fangs of a wild dog.

The 539m Kau Nga Ling is made up of 5 spurs that spread out like fingers. Each of the five spurs is rugged. For the sake of personal safety, do not overstretch your ability to climb these peaks.

The beginning section of the trail is rather gentle, but it descent gradually for 500m via a flight of steps to a wide catchwater. The lush green open space here has many magnificent trees, with wood stools under them for tired hikers. This is the Shek Pik Catchment.

This catchwater extends to the Cheung Sha Catchment in the east, and to the Kau Ling Chung Catchment in the west. It also links up with the West and North Keung Shan Catchments and the East and West Sham Wat Catchment. This extensive catchment system is one of the facilities of Shek Pik Reservoir.


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Shek Pik Country Trail
Shek Pik Country Trail Shek Pik Country Trail Shek Pik Country Trail Shek Pik Country Trail

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