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Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail
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Route Introduction

Level : 3/4 Distance : 12.5 km Time : 5.5 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Ha Fa Shan, Tsuen Wan 
 Finishing Point : Tai Tong Barbecue Site

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Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail Information

Leading from Tsuen Wan to Yuen Long, this ancient trail used to be a key communication route between the two settlements. Narrow and rugged by today's standards, the trail is a vital access route to villagers of Shap Pat Heung in the old days, when farm produce was transported to Tsuen Wan Market to trade for daily necessities. Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail is a scenic hike amidst lush forests. It offers a spectacular view of Tsing Ma Bridge.

Apart from this route, there are other ancient trails inside Tai Lam Country Park, such as the Nam Hang Pai Ancient Trail and Kap Lung Ancient Trail which were both major access paths in the past. Along the section of Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail near Lin Fa Shan, you can gaze down at the magnificent Tsing Ma Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge. The former is a suspension bridge over Ma Wan Channel. It is a steel suspension bridge. With a span of 1.377km, it is the longest road-and-rail suspension bridge. Today, it is a Hong Kong landmark known all over the world.


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Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail
Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail    

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