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Ho Pui Family Walk
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Route Introduction
Level : 1/4 Distance : 2.1 km Time : 1 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Ho Pui Village  Finishing Point : Ho Pui Village

Difficulty (1 Star)
Length (1 Star)
Time (1 Star)
Gradient (1 Star)
Surface (1 Star)

Ho Pui Family Walk Information


This Family Walk is built around the Ho Pui Reservoir and the entire route is easy. Starting from Ho Pui Village and travelling south, the Walk is covered by canopies of the trees along the two sides. When you reach the dam, you will see the reservoir appearing like a mirror before you. Ho Pui Reservoir is an irrigation reservoir which supplies farmers in the vicinity with water for irrigation purpose. The size of this reservoir is small, but the scene is gorgeous and had been ranked one of the ten most popular scenic countrysides.

Walking along the Family Walk, one can appreciate the scene of the reservoir from different angles. This also makes Ho Pui a popular site for the photography enthusiasts.


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Ho Pui Family Walk
Ho Pui Family Walk Ho Pui Family Walk    


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