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Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 1/4 Distance : 1.5 km Time : 1 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Sam Mun Tsai
 Finishing Point : Ma Shi Chau

Difficulty (1 Stars)
Length (1 Star)
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Gradient (1 Star)
Surface (2 Stars)
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Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail Information


Arriving Sam Mun Tsai in Tai Po, follow the sign for the Ma Shi Chau Special Area. After Sam Mun Tsai Village, make your way up a small hill for Ma Shi Chau. This approach takes about half an hour.

To preserve rock formations and rich minerals, Ma Shi Chau was designated a Special Area in 1999, along with nearby Yeung Chau, Centre Island (A Chau) and an unnamed islet. This Nature Trail runs along the rocky shores of the island and presents many types of rocks and landforms. Some parts of the trail are submerged at high tide, so check the tide times before setting off.

The sedimentary rock on the southeastern shore of Ma Shi Chau was formed approximately 280 million to 225 million years ago in the Permian Period of the geological time scale, a period much earlier than the Jurassic Period when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

A walk on the island of Ma Shi Chau is a journey back to prehistoric times. Along the way there are interesting quartz porphyry, intriguing geological features like Lung Lok Shui, dykes, wave-cut platforms and foldings, as well as coastal flora. As this is a one-way route so you have to trace your steps back to the starting point.


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Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail
Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail    

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