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Tai Lam Nature Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 2/4 Distance : 10 km Time : 4 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Tai Tong  Finishing Point : Tsing Lung Tau

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Tai Lam Nature Trail Information


Tai Lam Nature Trail is located inside Tai Lam Country Park. The trail is about 10 km in length and the time required to finish is about four hours. The trail features 20 scenic spots, introducing the plants, biochemical phenomenon, geological composition and the facilities along the trail.

Walk up from Tai Tong Shan Road for about an hour till you reach the starting point at Pak Kung Au. Pak Kung Temple is placed on this major access between local villages and the rural market, the temple gave blessings of safety to travellers. Outside the temple is a woodland of tall Paper-bark Trees - product of afforestation before the 1980's. This fast growing species adapts to poor soil conditions well. Follow the Nam Hang Pai Ancient Trail which was built three or four hundred years ago, the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir was at scene. The reservoir was developed from a river valley where one of the villages was called Tai Lam. The stream that enters the valley is named Tai Lam Chung, hence giving the reservoir's name. After passing the 130-year-old Kat Hing Bridge, the specially arranged bird house, the Hong Kong unique species Roman's Tree Frog, as well as the interesting plants like Rhodoleia, lichen and mosses will be seen.


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Tai Lam Nature Trail
Tai Lam Nature Trail Tai Lam Nature Trail    

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