Silvergrass on Tai Mo Shan
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In autumn, photography aficionados, as well as hikers, crowd around Tai Mo Shan to take pictures of the golden silvergrass on the slope.  Silvergrass possesses large panicles and yellow spikes when it matures. The spikes sway like golden feathers in the breeze. The silvergrass does not spread across the entire hillside, but it is seen all over the smooth footpath from Tai Mo Shan Picnic Area No.4 to Tai Mo Shan Weather Radar. Down the hillside lies a road that skirts along the mountain with a view of layers of silvergrass which composes the unique scenery of Tai Mo Shan.

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Transportation Information

Take bus and alight at "Tai Mo Shan Country Park" bus stop. Walk along Tai Mo Shan Road for about 1 hour to reach the peak.
Leave from the “Tai Mo Shan Country Park” bus stop by public transport.

Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) route – 51

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The map below shows the location of the scenic spot.
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