Ho Pui Reservoir

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3 km
1.5 hours
West New Territories
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Much of New Territories West land used to be farmland, housing 5 of the 8 irrigation reservoirs.  One of them is Ho Pui Reservoir, which is well-received for its picturesque scenery among hikers.  Apart from a small round island that emerges from the water in the centre like a secluded oasis, the reservoir has a family walk that measures about 2 kilometres in length.  Adorned with greenery by the sides, the family walk allows visitors to take in the reflection of the woods and the mountains in the lake.  Another highlight is the S-shaped dam with a span of over 17 metres, which is a rarity locally.  In its vicinity are many recreational facilities, including barbecue sites and organic farms.  If you are planning a weekend getaway from the urban jungle, this is the place!

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Transportation Information

Take public transport to Ho Pui Tsuen. Walk about 30 minutes from Ho Pui Tsuen to Ho Pui Reservoir.

Green Minibus route - 71

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