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Did people in ancient times always love testing their swords? There are rocks of peculiar shapes in all corners of the world that go under the same name – ‘Sword Testing Stone’. Standing on Lo Fu Tau Country Trail, the one in Hong Kong, whose cut is so neat that it looks as if the massive rock was split into two by an invincible sword, was formed as a result of prolonged weathering and has been a magnet for tourists. In the vicinity stand other bizarre rocks like Strange Duck Stone, which is awaiting its next imaginative story.

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Transportation Information

From Mui Wo : Go to Mui Wo by First Ferry or New Lantao Bus, walk to Pak Ngan Heung, and then go ahead along the Olympic Trail and reach Lo Fu Tau Country Trail;
New Lantao Bus routes - 1, 2, 3M, 4, A35, 1S, 2S, 13S (1S, 2S及 13S operate subjects to demand)

or from Pak Mong Village: Take New Lantao Bus at Tung Chung Town Centre and get off “Pak Mong Village” bus stop, then go ahead along the Olympic Trail. Walk along Lo Fu Tau Country Trail to reach the Stone.
New Lantao Bus routes - 36

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The map below shows the location of the scenic spot.
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