Stone Circle at Fan Lau
Peculiar Rock-forms

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7.7 km
2.1 hours
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Amounting to nearly 360 kilometres, the coastlines in Hong Kong were inhabited by many in days gone by, with carvings that have existed for millennia and Tin Hau Temples that have stood for hundreds of years.  In particular, Tin Hau Temple stands in Miu Wan, Fan Lau at the southwestern part of Lantau Island.  Some stones are laid out nearby in such a way that they form an oval-shaped enclosure, measuring 2.7 metres by 1.7 metres.  The unpolished and uncut stones are estimated to be artefacts dating back to the late Neolithic period and the Bronze Age, and are believed to be used by worshippers.  Being the oldest monuments in Hong Kong, they prove that the area was inhabited 2000 years ago.

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Transportation Information

Get off at the end of the Dam of Shek Pik Reservoir at Wang Pui Road and walk along Kau Ling Chung catchwater to reach entrance at Fan Lau Country Trail. Walk along Fan Lau Country Trail to the Stone Circle.

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