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Kap Lung Ancient Trail is located in Tai Lam Country Park and was named after Kap Lung Village. This ancient trail was built by villagers. It was the main route taken by farmers in the vicinity of Pat Heung, Shek Kong and Lui Kung Tin, who climbed mountains and ridges for selling the produce they carried on their shoulders in the markets in Tsuen Wan. On one side of this stone paved ancient trail is Kap Lung Ancient Village, which has been around for more than 200 years. The ancestors of indigenous inhabitants were natives of Shandong’s “Longchuan”. One of their descendants’ families moved to Muk Min Ha in Tsuen Wan during the Ming dynasty. Because of serious pirate invasion, some moved to Chuen Lung in Tai Mo Shan while some others moved to Kap Lung. Indigenous Kap Lung inhabitants with the surname Tsang had moved out from the 1950s. The village is now the home to a few non- indigenous inhabitants.

Kap Lung Ancient Trail is densely lined with trees. With the natural canopy, a walk in summer does not feel as hot. The stone steps of the ancient trail are very sturdy as each is made of one to three large granite rock. There are crevices left between the rocks for draining rainwater. Ancient people were indeed very clever when they built the trail.

Walk downhill along the meandering rock-paved path, which crosses multiple times with streams; the sound of flowing water can be heard. Two stone tablets can be found in the jungle on the left of the later section of the ancient trail. These tablets were incised with “go west to Kam Tin Yuen Long, north to Toi Shan Shenzhen” and “go left to Toi Shan Shenzhen, right to Lam Tsuen Tai Po”. No fork is seen next to the stone tablet. Perhaps the old footpath has already vanished into the woods. The end section is a plantation of Brisbane Box and Gum Trees. The view is magnificent and compares to the popular photo spot in Shing Mun’s Paper-bark Tree forest!

The route on this website is introduced to be conveniently accessible by public transport, which may differ from the actual alignment of the ancient path.

Hiking Etiquette
Keep the noise down in the countryside
Respect villagers and their properties
Do not enter private places or architectures that might pose hazards of collapsing
Do not pick any farm produce
Do not climb on or take away any item in the village
Take your litter home

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Transportation Information

Start Point
Take a bus and alight at the “Tai Mo Shan Country Park” bus stop. Towards the direction of Sheung Tsuen, walk about 100m further to reach the starting point

KMB route -51 (circular)

End Point
Walk along Pat Heung catchwater to “Lui Kung Tin Tsuen” bus stop and leave by public transport

KMB route -51 (circular)
Green Minibus route -72

The transportation information provided in this website is for reference only. Please check the updated transportation information from the websites of Transport Department and relevant transport utilities before setting off.

Hong Kong eTransport web page

Route Map

The map below shows the location of the scenic spot.
For details, please refer to the transportation information above and photos captions text below.

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