Kam Shan Tree Walk
Tree Walk

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1 km
0.5 hours
Central New Territories
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Kam Shan Tree Walk is located in Kam Shan Country Park, with the entrance set at Kowloon Reservoir. The Tree Walk links to Stage 6 of MacLehose Trail at Golden Hill Road, and creates a beautiful scenery with the adjoining Kowloon Byewash Reservoir. The Tree Walk is 1km long and lined by a rich variety of tree species. A total of 15 interpretation plates are put up to help you appreciate and learn about trees, including Acronychia, Lingnan Garcinia and Silver-back Artocarpus.

1 Acronychia pedunculata
2 Garcinia oblongifolia
3 Artocarpus hypargyreus
4 Ormosia semicastrata
5 Pinus massoniana
6 Cratoxylum cochinchinense
7 Rhus succedanea
8 Schefflera heptaphylla
9 Eucalyptus robusta
10 Lophostemon confertus
11 Ternstroemia gymnanthera
12 Litsea rotundifolia var. oblongifolia
13 Ilex asprella
14 Acacia confusa
15 Carallia brachiata

Transportation Information

Start Point
Take public transport to "Shek Lei Pui Reservoir" bus stop. Walk along Kam Shan Road towards Kowloon Byewash Reservoir, and you will see the entrance of Tree Walk.

Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) routes - 72 and 81

End Point
Return to start point and take public transport for leaving.

The transportation information provided in this website is for reference only. Please check the updated transportation information from the websites of Transport Department and relevant transport utilities before setting off.

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Route Map

The below map showing the route and the scenic spots along the hiking trail.
For details, please refer to the transportation information above and photos captions text below.

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